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Bedford Athletics

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Bedford Athletics

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1 month ago @ 12:24PM

Mule Muscle Presents Special Scholarship in Honor of the Tenth Anniversary of the Jason Zogaib Memorial 5K

The Jason Zogaib Memorial Scholarship of $500 will be awarded to one girl and one boy in Bedford High School’s graduating Class of 2020
TEMPERANCE, Mich., June 6, 2019 – The Jason Zogaib Memorial 5K is set to celebrate it’s TENTH ANNIVERSARY! In honor of this milestone Mule Muscle is excited to announce it will be awarding the Jason Zogaib Memorial Scholarship to one boy and girl from Bedford’s Class of 2020.
The award will be for $500 to each recipient.

Applicants MUST:

•    Participate in the 10th Annual Jason Zogaib Memorial Race (August 3, 2019 – signed waiver from Race Day is adequate proof of participation) Click here to sign up:
•    Be a good student 
•    Be active in school or in the community 
•    Be free of school disciplinary issues
•    Plan to attend college or trade school 
•    Be a 2020 graduate 
•    Provide a resume and short essay (250 words) answering the question: Why I would be a good candidate for the Jason Zogaib Memorial Scholarship.

“The Zogaib family and Mule Muscle wanted to mark this milestone by helping students. Tom Zogaib came up with the idea of a scholarship and the Mule Muscle board agreed unanimously to put the scholarship together. There’s no better way to help the community than to invest in Bedford’s students,” said Rebecca Regnier, Mule Muscle, Inc. President.

The Mule Muscle Board along with the Bedford High School Athletic Director, Mark German, will select the scholarship recipients.

This year’s Jason Zogaib Memorial 5K will be held on August 3, 2019. Participants can sign up for the event and apply for the scholarship at

Over the last decade Mule Muscle constructed the Coach Regnier Weight Room and helped fund the school’s first ever wrestling room. The non-profit has donated weight equipment, a windscreen at the baseball field, shooting machine for boys and girls basketball, golf bags, and most recently new goals for the soccer field.

Funds for the projects come from events like the Jason Zogaib Memorial Race and generous donations from community members and businesses.

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