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5 months ago @ 9:43AM

Thank You Very Much!

As we enter the first anniversary of the Covid shut down the Bedford Athletic department would like to extend some special thanks to those who have gone over and beyond the call of duty in helping our students have some semblance of a genuine athletic experience.

Kristi Chalupnik - Administrative Assistant – Kristi has been instrumental in accomplishing the overwhelming task of re-scheduling all levels of sports and the unending challenge of tracing and ticketing our spectators, coaches, and team members. Her conscientious efforts have assured the highest level of safety for everyone involved in Bedford Athletics.

The Bedford Coaching Staff – Every member of our coaching staff has been at our beck-and-call throughout every delay, change and re-start. They have never hesitated to go the extra mile to allow our students to compete.

Karen Weis and Mindy Klawonn – District Medical Team – Karen and Mindy have made themselves available twenty-four hours a day to help handle Covid-related decisions about quarantines and safety. They have also conducted, and will continue to administer the Covid testing program for dozens of athletes over the next several weeks.

Teresa Swartout – Athletic Trainer – Teresa, along with the medical staff and coaches, has been on-call round the clock to help with decisions regarding Covid exposure. She has recorded and archived all practice sessions and Covid testing results for tracing purposes since this crisis began.  She has also helped keep our athletes healthy during the challenging and frustrating stop and start state mandates.

Bridget Huss – Monroe County Health Department – Bridget has also made herself available seven days a week to help with decisions regarding infection exposure and quarantine policies. Each scenario is unique and requires her help and guidance, something she has generously offered for each situation. Bridget has also been key in helping those most vulnerable to schedule vaccinations. 

Mike and Donna Mihalec – Ticket Booth Managers - Mike and Donna have worked tirelessly to register and account for all spectators entering every venue. Their effort have allowed us to accurately account for everyone present at each event.

The Bedford Custodial Staff – Thank you for the extra time and effort to clean and re-clean all areas used by visiting teams and spectators. You have helped us have the ability to have spectators.

Parents – Thank you for your cooperation with all Covid protocols. Your flexibility regarding scheduling and your willingness to abide by all the new rules and regulations has been greatly appreciated. You have also gone the extra mile to help live stream contests so those unable to attend can still view the games.

*And finally to our students. Your resiliency and perseverance throughout this crisis has been inspiring. No generation in the last hundred years has had to face such a challenge. You have met it with the highest level of determination and resolve. We are very proud of you.  

Mark German

Athletic Director

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